nomAD Website Redesign / 2016


I had worked with II's On Advertising a few years back when Jonah was just getting things started. I did some photography and some photoshopping for them and it went great. Since then Jonah has been doing some pretty awesome things, and recently he asked me to help with a website redesign. Marci had helped nomAD greatly with a branding guide and photographs recently, so the website was the final touch. Using my Squarespace knowledge and some hard coding we were able to get the clean look we wanted.


The "Cougspective" Campaign / 2016

In the early spring of 2016, I was asked to help Zak & Sebatian with their campaign to become President and Vice President of the Study Body of Washington State. Our goal was to draw inspiration from successful campaigns before us, but present our own twist.


THE WGC Foundation Branding / 2016

The WGC Foundation is an organization founded in Pullman Washington. Their goal is to raise awareness as well as funds for those in need and to help with values of family. Something that is so special to us as Cougars. Brek approached me this spring to come up with a branding guide to give the WGC Foundation a more professional look.



Sometimes I wish I could just open up my own restaurant.
If I could, it might look like this.



A friend of mine involved with the 2015 National Student Advertising Competition asked if I would like to participate as their graphic designer. Being interested in working within Adobe InDesign, I took on the project. I studied Pizza Hut (their company they had to work with) and recreated their new look as best as I could. Following their typography, color choices, and other brand elements.


Poster design

Below are posters I have created for various Washington State University Student Organizations. Poster design is one of my favorite types of design. It quickly and easily utilizes many different design principles and often times abstraction and freedom is encouraged.


Menu Design / 2014

The intention was to play with typography and composition of text to imply a feeling of something "fancy" or something "hipster".

Each set of menus has the same options, just presented differently.