I've known Cary for a few years now. If my memory serves me correctly, he came into the Student Resource Center looking for a photography job. I can't quite remember. But I remember pointing him in the direction of The Daily Evergreen, the school's publication. From there we were photographer buddies, as I also worked there. But he's much more than just an incredible photographer. He has some impressive education and experience in the wine industry and is an incredible cook. Seriously incredible.

During our session, I was able to meet and learn more about Sara, who is equally talented in a variety of things. From living as a professional ballet dancer in NYC to currently going to grad school for artificial intelligence. She too is well versed in life's experiences. You can bet that our session really never had a dull moment.

One thing to note about Cary & Sara's relationship is that throughout their years, they've spent a lot of it apart. Some people say they could never do long distant relationship, but I don't think they should necessarily count it out completely. Cary & Sara are a perfect example of what the right balance of support, space, connection, passion, and love can bring. And that's a beautiful thing to witness and be a part of.

Thank you, Cary for finding this diverse park! And thank you to the both of you for that lovely bowl of pho afterward! I look forward to reconnecting in the future, but until then, good luck with both of your endeavors. 

Thank you, Cary + Sara for being you.